(Credits Nathan Chantrell)

Python port of the RF24 library for NRF24L01+ radios, adapted for the BeagleBone Black and the Raspberry Pi systems.

All methods were ported and most methods prototypes were kept similar. This should facilitate the adaptation of existing code. However, new functions were added and some behaviour may have improved (I sure hope so!) Some limitations were also ported and unfortunately some bugs may have been introduced.

For more information regarding how to use this library, check the RF24 documentation Most of the information there will also be valid to this library.

Tested in a BeagleBoneBlack using spi0 and NRF24L01+ radios. Should work without problems in a Raspberry Pi or with NRF24L01 (non +) radios.

Do not forget to check this great tutorial or the original datasheet

The code can be found here