I’m a 30-something Portuguese engineer, academic, researcher, etc.. . In this page you can find some more information about me, my interests, my work and other public stuff.

From an academic perspective I completed a 5 year course in Computer Engineering, then 2 more years for a Masters in Electronics and Telecommunications, and finally I obtained a PhD in Informatics Engineering.

Currently I’m an assistant professor at University of Aveiro, more specifically at the Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics Department. As part of my duties I lecture classes in topics related to security, programming and networking (go here)

I’m also a researcher in the Telecommunications Institute at Aveiro, interested in topics related to telecommunication architectures, technologies and applications, focused in M2M and networking for cloud environments (SDN and NFV). I also belong to the Telecommunications and Networking Group - Aveiro, a research group (mostly) dedicated to services, systems and technologies for and of telecommunication networks.

You can check my publications and the list of research projects in which I am or was involved. Sometimes I also dedicate some time with other projects (hobbies), which you can check here.

My public PGP key can be found here the fingerprint is 6A7D 7DD8 F135 5CD8 6317 ABF8 A8A7 6492 6821 547B